*In My Humble Opinion, 4/7/15

Winter has released it severe grasp on the US, and things appear to be thawing out.

A few of us had the opportunity get a jump-start on the sunshine, when we gathered in sunny Long Beach and Riverside California during the week of March 22-27, 2015 for the annual CRC Conference and the CE-CERT PEMS Conferences.

There were many great presentations.

We also had some very solid discussions that came out of the blend of people from all over the world.

So – as an ongoing approach to keeping the industry apprised, we have singled out several key individuals and interviewed them regarding their unique perspectives.

In this blog addition, we had the privilege to chat with Donald H. Stedman, John Evans Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry University of Denver, Colorado.



Dave: Don, you have been at this a long time – what is your background with fuels and emissions?

Don: With Dr. Gary Bishop, we have monitored realistic emissions of about 20,000,000 cars in 20 countries and realistic emissions of about 10000 HDDV in the USA all on various available fuels, some legal – some not.

Dave: That is most impressive; you certainly have earned your experience!  So, what do you feel is the most pressing challenge that our industry faces today?

Don: In my opinion, it is manufacturers tailoring their system to meet “The Test”, and owner tampering and tailoring their system to meet the Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) test.

Dave: Another topic that seems to be on everyone’s mind is future events.  So – where do you see the industry heading in the next 1, 3, 5, and 10 years?

Don: My experience tells me that the industry will stay with mostly gasoline Light Duty Vehicle (LDV) and diesel Heavy Duty Vehicle (HDV). Again – in my opinion – all other fuels are not relevant.

Dave: That is a pretty direct statement, considering all the development going on with other alternative fuels.  I am assuming that we can explore this with you in further detail, if we get any questions from our followers?

Don: Yes, of course!

Dave:  Thanks!  So, what are you most excited about, regarding “latest trends”?

Don: I am impressed with the amazing low on-road emissions of the newest, latest vehicles.

Dave: What do you think the implications are, specifically?

Don: There is an even higher importance to zero-in and find the top 1% of high emitters; it just so happens that Remote Sensing Devices (RSD) can find such vehicles, and no other program realistically has that capability.

Dave: So what countries do you feel are the most proactive and/or progressive?

Don: Tough question! I’d have to say that the USA and Europe have great and successful (generally) new vehicle emissions regulations.  BUT – Beijing has the only law which can pull over and ticket an on-road high emitter.

Dave: Fascinating bit of information; it will be interesting to see if the US and EU adopt such laws in the future.  On that topic, which countries do you think have the greatest challenges to overcome?

Don: All third world countries (developing nations) – especially those with remaining two stroke motorcycles.  Those types of vehicles must be removed from the roads!

Dave: Thanks Don.  So where do you get your information?  What industry publications do you follow?

Don: These days – only the web alert services and CRC meeting reports and publications!

Dave: Okay, one last question.  What is the most interesting project that you were a part of, that you can tell us about?

Don: The California Air Resources Board supported HDDV OHMS project.  I created both a CRC poster and 2015 Environ Sci-Technol publication which I can make available to any of your followers.

Dave: Thanks for the interview Don!

Please let us know if you would like access to the publications that Don mentioned, and we can put you in touch.

We look forward to our next interview!

Dave Miller