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In response to industry demand, 3DATX has developed the iPEMS solution platform. iPEMS are defined as a class of equipment weighing less than 5kg – including power source, and having the ability – at a minimum – to measure PM/PN, NO/NO2/NOx, CO and CO2.  iPEMS equipment provides a single technician or operator with the ability to hand-carry a device through airport security and into the field, and to deploy and test within an hour of arrival to the test site.  A significant advantage of the 3DATX iPEMS design is the Modular Sensor Cartridge design.  The 3DATX parSYNC® is the only Particulate Measurement unit in the industry with commercially available field calibration capabilities (e.g. CA/GE™ System).


Introducing The World’s First PNC + 4-Gas + NOx Analyzer!

The NEW! 3DATX parSYNC® FLEX-PNC iPEMS (integrated Portable Emissions Measurement System) is a powerful all-in-one emissions testing solution that features a certified PNC sensor and provides gaseous AND nanoparticle measurements with a proprietary cartridge system. The gaseous side utilizes a “hot-swap” cartridge system for traditional 4-gas measurement (CO2, CO, HC, O2) plus NOX (NO and NO2). The particulate matter side utilizes NMi, METAS, and PTB certified particle number concentration (PNC) sensor based on the extended diffusion charging principle.

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Meet the newest addition to our parSYNC® line of iPEMS (integrated Portable Emissions Measurement System)! The FLEX has all the capabilities of our legacy system (parSYNC® PLUS) but with the added flexibility of creating a customized unit to suit your needs.

Now with a 3-bay sensor cartridge system, the FLEX can help you get the focused testing results you really need! Basic, Advanced and Custom sensor cartridge combinations paired with “hot-swap” capabilities allow the FLEX to deliver emissions acquisition of 4-Gas measurement, NOX measurement and Nanoparticle measurement.

Learn about our legacy system, parSYNC® PLUS!

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