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Our line of iPEMS now have the flexibility to design a custom solution that works for YOU! 

In response to industry demand, 3DATX has developed the iPEMS solution platform. iPEMS are defined as a class of equipment weighing less than 5kg – including power source, and having the ability – at a minimum – to measure PM/PN, NO/NO2/NOx, CO and CO2.  iPEMS equipment provides a single technician or operator with the ability to hand-carry a device through airport security and into the field, and to deploy and test within an hour of arrival to the test site.  A significant advantage of the 3DATX iPEMS design is the Modular Sensor Cartridge design.  The 3DATX parSYNC® is the only Particulate Measurement unit in the industry with commercially available field calibration capabilities (e.g. CA/GE™ System).

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Meet the newest addition to our parSYNC® line of iPEMS (integrated Portable Emissions Measurement System)! The FLEX has all the capabilities of our legacy system (parSYNC® PLUS) but with the added flexibility of creating a customized unit to suit your needs.

Now with a 3-bay sensor cartridge system, the FLEX can help you get the focused testing results you really need! Basic, Advanced and Custom sensor cartridge combinations paired with “hot-swap” capabilities allow the FLEX to deliver emissions acquisition of 4-Gas measurement, NOX measurement and Nanoparticle measurement.

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Measuring and evaluating vehicle emissions for research, compliance, or defect identification is a challenging application that demands modern emissions testing capabilities. The 3DATX parSYNC® (an integrated Portable Emissions Measurement System or iPEMS) provides the capability of providing gaseous AND nanoparticle measurements using a proprietary cartridge system. This unique “hot-swap” cartridge system delivers emissions measurement for: CO, CO2, NOx, NO, NO2, particulate matter (PM), and particle number (PN).

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