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About 3DATX

3DATX (pronounced “three-dadt -eks”) Corporation is a Buffalo, NY, USA based company that develops and manufactures next generation emissions measurement technologies for the transportation and power generation markets. We manufacture a range of accurate, low-cost, and ultra-light-weight integrated portable emissions measurement systems (iPEMS) that make field testing, industry and academic research, and regulatory compliance screening easy, practical, and cost-effective.

A significant advantage of the 3DATX iPEMS design is the Modular Sensor Cartridge design. Our unique miniaturized multi-chamber and replaceable sensor cartridges provide its user the capability to hot-swap while in the field. This eliminates down time and provides significant advantage to the number of tests that can be completed each day.

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David Miller

Founder & Executive Director

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Jodi Miller

Director of International Business

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Gurdas S. Sandhu, Ph.D

Director of Science & Technology

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Matthew Berry

General Manager, Europe

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Matthew Suleiman

General Manager, Africa


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Amanda Stange

Operations Manager

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Daisy Thomas, Ph. D

Lead Engineer

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Lauren Ambrosoli

Creative Manager

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Tyler Bellomo

Production Manager

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