Comparison Reports

In house emissions measurement of small engines using parSYNC

Comparing the parSYNC to AVL PEMS and Certification Lab Equipment

Using the parSYNC to measure Motorcycle Emissions

Using the parSYNC to detect EGR, SCR, and DPF defects

Collaboration with Ford Labs

Emissions testing at Mustang Dynamometer

parSYNC vs Semtech 1065 PEMS

parSYNC at Ford Labs

parSYNC iPEMS compared to AVL PEMS equipment

Technical Overview

This document covers the equations, specifications, and working principles for the gas and particulate matter (PM) sensors in the parSYNC iPEMS.

User Guides

A step by step user guide on how to operate the parSYNC

(a flipbook version can be viewed here)

A step by step user guide on the 3DATX PEMS Quality Assurance Software (PQAS)


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