Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s holiday – and thanks for stopping by to check out our blog.

I am excited to introduce some new guest bloggers to kick off 2015!

First up is my friend Eric Keogh, the CEO and Founder of Impact Global Emission Solutions Ltd.

Eric and I had been sharing some ideas over the past few weeks, and I became very intrigued with some of his ideas and his story.  So I asked him to share his background in this forum, as follows:

My Curiosity with Fire – by Eric Keogh

I still remember that at the age of 14 my curiosity got the better of me when I asked my chemistry teacher “what’s the chemical equation for fire?” I still remember that question because it led to my exclusion from the class. I had to stand outside to learn my lesson. My lesson of course being that my teacher did not know the answer.

Little did I anticipate then as a teenager that some 3 decades later that burning desire to learn about fire (pun intended), would not be quelled! Little did I anticipate that my spark would lead me to embark on a remarkable journey of exploration and learning? Little did I anticipate that my desire passion and fire would lead me to the path of writing UNFCCC methodology.

I Like Fire!

You have probably guessed two things about me by now. First is that I like fire! I like it because it keeps us warm. It provides heat, energy and light. Fire helps us to cook our food. That said, when playing with fire safety is also of paramount importance. (Do not try this at home)
Eric Keogh

IGES Founder and CEO Eric Keogh after receiving treatment for burns.

Self-Confessed Petrol-head

The second thing, if you do not already know about me is that I am a self-confessed petrol-head (someone who is totally obsessed with motor vehicles).  If it has wheels it can go faster.

A recovering pyromaniac (the burns healed in a few weeks) with no permanent scars, other than the permanent scars from lessons in life (which tend not to be visible).

Despite being on the road to recovery, I was not reformed. Surprised at my own curiosity, I thought to myself, I was burnt by heat. I, had set fire to a liquid. Not by petrol, no … I was burnt by a vapour, a gas?

H2 and CO2

Following years of further study following introduction to H2 and plasma (thanks to Teddo) I understood and established its relationship to CO2. I also understood the CO2 relationship to combustion, to fire…to oxidation. I understood. I understood why fire can and in so many circumstances, hurt our planet.

Driven by, shall we say, my curiosity, I wondered, why fire hurts us and our planet in so many ways when it is good for us in many ways.

I wondered how perhaps more importantly why is it that we can send a spaceship to the moon with a lower CO2 footprint than a bus ride into town?  Why is a gallon of Diesel or bio-fuel in cans not CO2?

Just Why?

I have been thinking about thermo-chemical reactions, heat and pressure, and how and why these affect fire. More importantly, how these impact on emissions (and possibly the formation of our planet and universe) in this enlightened age of climate change awareness.

Yet another Documentary (a reason for divorce)

Over the Christmas break (and perhaps one of the reasons for my divorce), I watched yet another documentary! I was pleased to hear that hydrogen can become a metal, apparently similar to mercury, at some 100,000 atmospheres pressure!

It is a well established science that at certain temperatures and pressures gases become liquids, liquids become solids, solids become liquids, and liquids become gases. Following the recent documentary, gases can become metals. In other words, covalent bonds can be broken, modified to an altered state. Is this not how pollutants are formed? It is simply a reaction to temperature and pressure?

So, CO2 is a chemical reaction to heat and pressure, Hydrogen and carbon when combusted …. Oxidised … can it be also decomposed due to heat and pressure?

These are just a few of the questions that we aim to explore and discuss over the year 2015.

Realising our interdependence on fossil fuel as well as fuel derivatives when considered in the context of the resultant CO2 and the social political hegemonic global influences in which we live will no doubt produce a steep learning curve.

In light of all this, over the coming months I hope to be able to provide an overview and introduction to:

  • UNFCCC CDM and NAMA project cycles;
  • Project development in the real world;
  • Transport MRV and Methodologies;
  • Technologies;
  • Co2 and Black Carbon – Global warming potential;
  • Pollutants – PM, NOX & SOX- causes and solutions

In the meantime I leave you with a welcome. A welcome, to a very happy and prosperous  2015.

Eric Keogh
CEO and Founder
Impact Global Emission Solutions Ltd

We look forward to hearing from Eric again soon!

We will continue to have some interesting (sometimes controversial) topics, as well as additional guest bloggers at this forum – so stay tuned!