The Great "Emissions Fingerprint" Puzzle!


We tested four (4) small engine, lawn and garden machines using a parSYNC® iPEMS, and obtained NO, NO2, CO, CO2, PN, and PM.  Based on just the following four NO vs CO2 emissions fingerprint graphs, can you correctly match the “Emissions Fingerprint” with the correct machine?

  1.  John Deere – Riding Lawn Tractor (the cutting blade was engaged multiple times)
  2.  Toro – Self-propelled Push Lawnmower (the blade is always engaged, single speed)
  3.  Craftsman – Snowblower (single speed, engine does work when moving forward)
  4.  Generac – Power Washer (trigger pressed multiple times to release water)

“Emissions Fingerprints” Charts:

  1. Chart 1
  2. Chart 2
  3. Chart 3
  4. Chart 4


All you have to do is match the correct machine with the correct chart and you’ve solved the Great “Emissions Fingerprint” Puzzle!


The first TEN (10) people who submit the correct sequence will win a prize (to be announced!).

The games’ afoot!   (what are you waiting for?)