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3DATX Corporation is headquartered in Buffalo, NY and manufactures next generation emissions measurement technologies for the transportation and power generation markets.

We manufacture accurate, low-cost, and ultra light-weight portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS) that make field testing, industry and academic research, and regulatory compliance screening practical on a mass scale.

With team members in the U.S., Europe, and China, we are fully equipped and ready to assist with all your emissions testing needs.

The parSYNC®


The parSYNC® provides unique miniaturized multi-chamber and replaceable sensor cartridges which allow its user the capability to hot-swap while in the field. The 3DATX patented multi-plex particle sensor system provides the ability to capture multiple, dissimilar “images” of particles using Opacity, Scattering and Ionization, in addition to outputs for Particle Number (PN) and Particulate Mass (PM).