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About 3DATX

3DATX Corporation is a Buffalo, NY based company that manufactures next generation emissions measurement technologies for the transportation and power generation markets. We manufacture a range of accurate, low-cost, and ultra light-weight portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS) that make field testing, industry and academic research, and regulatory compliance screening practical on a mass scale.

A significant advantage of the 3DATX iPEMS (integrated Portable Emissions Measurement System) design is the Modular Sensor Cartridge design. The 3DATX parSYNC® is the only  Particulate Measurement unit in the industry with commercially available field calibration capabilities (e.g. CA/GE™ System).

Our unique miniaturized multi-chamber and replaceable sensor cartridges provide its user the capability to hot-swap while in the field. This eliminates down time and provides significant advantage to the number of tests that can be completed each day.

David Miller smiling

David Miller

Founder & Executive Director

David founded 3DATX Corporation in 2014.  With over 20 years of experience in the Transportation sector, Dave’s entrepreneurship and interest in inventing new things led him to create what is now known as the parSYNC®.

In 1999, Dave co-founded Clean Air Technologies Inc., the first company to manufacture a “Portable Emissions Measurement System” (PEMS). Clean Air PEMS became the first EPA “Equipment Testing Verification” approved GHG system.

As Executive Director of 3DATX, Dave’s responsibilities include Sales, Marketing, Patents and overall leadership and direction to the 3DATX team.  Dave works closely with the Board of Directors and interacts with customers and investors on a daily basis.

DavidMiller@3DATX.com       Ext. 202

Jodi Miller

Director of Finance & Administration

Jodi was instrumental in helping to found 3DATX Corporation. She has over 20 years of human resource experience, and has an extensive background in paralegal, contracting, organizational, and administrative expertise.

As Director of Finance & Administration, Jodi’s day to day responsibilities include Accounts Payable & Receivable, Human Resources, and Operations.  Jodi also works closely with the Board of Directors and oversees legal and contractual issues.  She provides overall organization management to improve client performance and to achieve mission and goals through strategic and performance planning, measurement, analysis, and regular progress assessment.

JodiMiller@3DATX.com   Ext. 205

Gurdas S. Sandhu, Ph.D

Director of Science & Technology

Gurdas has over 10 years of experience in vehicle emissions research and another 7 years in developing industrial computer-controlled test & measurement systems. Before joining 3DATX, he was a Department of Energy sponsored ORISE research fellow at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) where he worked on various projects related to analysis and modeling of heavy-duty vehicles energy use and emissions. Gurdas has a Ph.D. and a M.S. from North Carolina State University. Gurdas deeply cares about how science can best serve society and environmental justice issues.

Gurdas@3DATX.com   Ext. 204

Larry Mattison smiling

Larry Mattison

Research and Development


Larry has over 25 years of professional experience in research engineering, product/materials development, imaging science, business management, and technical consulting. He brings his experience in the development of innovative patented sensor products and an encompassing background as Electro-Optical Engineer and Program Manager in ‘Low Observables Technology’ programs for the U.S. Department of Defence and aerospace contractors. Larry is responsible for 3DATX product research and development, manufacturing practices/design, and implementation of test methodologies for lab and field measurement projects.

LarryMattison@3DATX.com   Ext. 206

Matthew Berry

Matthew Berry

European Business Development

Matthew is responsible for the development of 3DATX business in Europe from both a technical and commercial standpoint, where he coordinates cooperation with our key partners in the European region.

He has extensive management experience in industrial and commercial development in the petroleum, automotive and energy sectors, particularly renewable energy. For the last 30 years, he has focused on business development and marketing in Europe. And in the last 20 years, his priority has become technologies for emissions reductions and portable emissions measurement systems required for real-time in-situ evaluation. He is an engineering physicist from Royal Military College of Canada where he was commissioned as a naval officer and has a master’s degree in business administration from Group HEC in Paris, France.

MatthewBerry@3DATX.com   Ext. 203

Mike Dio smiling

Mike Dio

Sales & Training

Michael uses his ability to combine technical knowledge with sales and customer service skills to act as the primary contact for product demonstrations, client needs assessments and development of technical instruction for customers in relation to the use, operation, and maintenance of purchased products. With a degree in chemical engineering and years of emissions measurement experience, he is capable of simplifying and communicating complex concepts to a non-technical audience.

As lead Customer Service & Sales Engineer, Michael is responsible for transitioning customers through the equipment buying process. He maintains CRM records and database, while overseeing customer service and sales of equipment worldwide. He provides remote and hands-on technical training for customers. He also provides operational support and logistics as needed.

MikeDio@3DATX.com       Ext. 207

Daisy Thomas smiling

Daisy Thomas, Ph. D

Lead Automotive Research Engineer

As Lead Automotive Research Engineer, Daisy conducts research into the function, application, and development of the 3DATX parSYNC iPEMS. This role includes test project planning, testing, data processing and analysis, and dissemination of results. One of her main responsibilities is the management and analysis of the Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) Pilot Program that is being conducted in Sweden. Additionally, she supervises fellows on the 3DATX technical fellowship program. She is also responsible for UK and some EU customer needs, including provision of training, consultation, and collaboration.


Adam Holzinger smiling

Adam Holzinger

Research and Development Engineer

Adam works on the research and development team at 3DATX. He has worked in both R&D and production roles. Since his time at the company, he has focused on 3D printing and CAD design along with working closely on design and production of the CAGE system. He continues to assist in design of new 3DATX systems while also providing support, maintenance and troubleshooting to current systems in the 3DATX line


John Schnier smiling

John Schnier

Design Engineer

As Design Engineer at 3DATX, John works to improve products and develop new ideas into next generation equipment. He deals with all aspects of equipment and component development. John works with computer-based modeling programs, sketches by hand, and does hands-on work to turn ideas into reality.


Lauren Ambrosoli smiling

Lauren Ambrosoli

Creative Manager

Lauren has 13+ years of experience in Graphic Design and Marketing and serves as our point person for all things creative here at 3DATX. She spends her days conceptualizing and executing our creative needs for implementation on everything from printed assets to digital advertising, website graphics, and our social media content and copy. Lauren works across departments and alongside our freelance team to ensure our brand strategy is consistent and all design and marketing needs are met.


John Robinson smiling

John Robinson

Production/Manufacturing Consultant

John brings 20+ years’ experience in operations, manufacturing, supply chain, and industrial automation management. He is focused on building robust, scalable, supply chains and production lines for all 3DATX’s innovative products. John brings an in-depth understanding of international supply chains, in-house manufacturing & contract manufacturing, and product development/scaling to 3DATX. His prior experience includes overseeing production and launching several new product lines at a leading fire/rescue equipment manufacturer as well as developing a “new to industry” manufacturing process for a water treatment equipment startup. He has his MBA from Texas A&M.