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We are committed to advancing real driving emissions solutions with you.

3DATX Corporation is headquartered in Buffalo, NY and manufactures next generation emissions measurement technologies for the transportation and power generation markets.

We manufacture a range of accurate, low-cost, and ultra light-weight portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS) that make field testing, industry and academic research, and regulatory compliance screening practical on a mass scale.

With team members in the U.S., Europe, and China, we are fully equipped and ready to assist with all your emissions testing needs.

David Miller smiling

David Miller

Founder & Executive Director

Dave has over 20 years of experience in transportation sustainability and alternative fuels. In 1999, Dave co-founded Clean Air Technologies Inc., the first company to manufacture a “Portable Emissions Measurement System” (PEMS). Clean Air PEMS became the first EPA “Equipment Testing Verification” approved GHG system. Dave’s work has been featured on the Discovery Channel; co-author on five patents-pending, including: PEMS, Mobile Emission Reduction Credits, Measure Report Verify, Alternative Fuels and Technology evaluations. Dave is a Veteran who served in the Intel and Code breaking fields.

DavidMiller@3DATX.com       Ext. 202

Jodi Miller

Director of Finance & Administration

Jodi was instrumental in helping to found 3DATX Corporation. She has over 20 years of human resource experience, and has an extensive background in paralegal, contracting, organizational, and administrative expertise. She has a deep background as an entrepreneur, having co-founded cognoGEN!X, Inc. a Buffalo, New York consulting firm, and managed the company since 2012. In her previous roles, she has provided overall organization management to improve client performance and to achieve mission and goals through strategic and performance planning, measurement, analysis, and regular progress assessment.

JodiMiller@3DATX.com   Ext. 205

Gurdas S. Sandhu, Ph.D

Director of Science & Technology

Gurdas has over 10 years of experience in vehicle emissions research and another 7 years in developing industrial computer-controlled test & measurement systems. Before joining 3DATX, he was a Department of Energy sponsored ORISE research fellow at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) where he worked on various projects related to analysis and modeling of heavy-duty vehicles energy use and emissions. Gurdas has a Ph.D. and a M.S. from North Carolina State University. Gurdas deeply cares about how science can best serve society and environmental justice issues.

Gurdas@3DATX.com   Ext. 204

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Larry Mattison

Director of Engineering

Larry has over 25 years of professional experience in research engineering, product/materials development, imaging science, business management, and technical consulting. He brings his experience in the development of innovative patented sensor products and an encompassing background as Electro-Optical Engineer and Program Manager in ‘Low Observables Technology’ programs for the U.S. Department of Defence and aerospace contractors. Larry is responsible for 3DATX product research and development, manufacturing practices/design, and implementation of test methodologies for lab and field measurement projects.

LarryMattison@3DATX.com   Ext. 206

Matthew Berry

Matthew Berry

Interim European Director 

Starting as a petroleum engineer for the leading oilfield service company, Matthew has specialized in industrial and commercial project management. Based in Central Europe, he has 27 years’ experience in business development and marketing in Europe. Several of the projects he manages or has managed involve technologies and equipment for emissions reductions. Mr. Berry is an engineering physicist from Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario and he has an MBA from HEC Paris in France. In addition, he is a reserve naval lieutenant with the Canadian Armed Forces.

MatthewBerry@3DATX.com   Ext. 203

Mike Dio smiling

Mike Dio

Sales & Training

Mike is a chemical engineer with over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, with 10 years specific to mobile emissions. Utilizing his extensive experience with domestic & international customers, vendors and subcontractors, Mike oversees the production of the equipment. He also acts as the key customer liaison, in charge of transitioning customers through the equipment purchase process with remote and on-site hands-on technical training.

MikeDio@3DATX.com       Ext. 207

Sean Dineen smiling

Sean Dineen

Head Engineer of Production

As a graduate of the University at Buffalo, Sean holds his electrical engineering degree.  He also holds his Green and Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma.  At 3DATX, Sean has served as a Floor Product Engineer as well as Lead Product Engineer.  He now holds the role as Head Engineer of Production.  Sean has expertise in electrical and mechanical components as well as excellence in quality control and quality assurance.


Daisy Thomas smiling

Daisy Thomas, Ph. D

Lead Automotive Research Engineer

Daisy has over 5 years’ experience in automotive emissions research, with a Ph.D. in engineering that focused on real world emissions from hybrid vehicles and the impact of biofuels, from the University of Leeds, UK. She also holds an M.Sc. in Engineering, and an M.Phys. and B.Sc. in Physics, from the University of Leeds. Daisy has extensive experience in light-duty on-road and chassis dynamometer testing, including performing regulatory RDE and WLTC testing in both the UK and China, as well as emissions test experience in the heavy-duty sector.


Adam Holzinger smiling

Adam Holzinger

Research and Development Engineer

Adam has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University at Buffalo and was originally hired as an intern here at 3DATX. He has since worked in both our production and R&D departments and currently holds the title of Research & Development Engineer. His work at 3DATX currently ranges from CAD design, implementing and optimizing 3D printing for research and production, and working with particulate generation technology to help develop the CAGE.


John Schnier smiling

John Schnier

Design Engineer

John is a graduate of the University of Buffalo and holds his Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering. John has been with 3DATX as a Product Engineer and now serves as a Design Engineer. As Design Engineer, John offers continuous improvement on 3DATX products to improve customer experience and product performance. John has expertise in hands-on mechanical applications and computer aided design.


Lauren Ambrosoli smiling

Lauren Ambrosoli

Graphic Design & Digital Marketing 

Lauren has a B.S. in Media Arts from SUNY Fredonia and over 12 years of experience in Graphic Design and Marketing. Lauren joined our team after working largely in the premium brand beverage space as well as freelancing across industries. Lauren is responsible for handling our company’s digital communication, maintaining our website and working across departments to ensure all design needs are met.