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3DATX IS PLEASED TO INTRODUCE the CA/GE™ System – the first true Particle Measurement/Number Calibrator/Generator Simulation System on the market.

The next-generation of iPEMS – Integrated Portable Emissions Measurement Systems – require the ability to ensure that field equipment can be calibrated to an absolute, external standard.  The CA/GE™ has been designed to do just that.

The 3DATX Calibrator/Generator (CA/GE™) System is a stand-alone device for generating a highly stable and repeatable combustion aerosol simulation for the parSYNC® Unit.  When the two devices (CA/GE™ and parSYNC®) are used in combination, they form a highly effective, and complete approach for multiple uses:

  • On-site quality checks of particle counting devices
  • PCRF (particle concentration reduction factor) check
  • Relative comparison measurements between two different particle measurement devices
  • Live evaluation of PM/PN PEMS/iPEMS field devices
  • Classroom/field simulation of particle emissions event(s)
  • Research – evaluate efficacy/efficiency of PM/PN sensors (e.g. optical/electronic “drift”)
  • Inspection and Maintenance – Governmental Calibration for pass/fail applications
  • Portable production testing of HEPA and ULPA filter testing directly at the factory site
  • Live demonstration/acceptance testing of HEPA and ULPA filters at customer sites
  • Pinpointing & locating leaks/Filter scan for repair
  • Cleanroom testing of HEPA and ULPA filters; efficiency measurement and leak detection


Additional Features and Benefits:

  • A Patent-Pending Glycerin/Glycol-based vapor/aerosol simulator for HEPA/ULPA filter testing leak detection, cleanroom certification, PEMS/iPEMS PM/PN evaluation/calibration
  • High efficiency atomizer reduces liquid consumption
  • Stable and repeatable operation
  • High purity, all stainless steel atomizer for easy cleaning and maintenance